Health Smart announces name change

26 October 2012

Today, Health Smart Ltd announced that it has formally changed its name to ToHealth Ltd. The new name reflects ToHealth's broadening scope into digital healthcare solutions and its intention to expand into the global healthcare market place. The trusted Health Smart brand will be retained to represent ToHealth's proprietary health screening business.

CEO, Rosie Cunningham Thomas, says, 'The key to making health care sustainable is addressing the growing challenge of chronic diseases. These already account for 75% of health care costs and still the problem is projected to escalate dramatically due to demographic and macroeconomic trends. A critical component for bringing these costs under control will be the move to innovative digital health solutions that can deliver prevention and management outside of traditional settings such as the GP office and the hospital. To Health is committed to creating an innovative product portfolio of digital health solutions and is therefore on the cusp of this emerging market.

Our development activity will continue to be complemented by a market leading health screening model focused on the detection, prevention and management of long term conditions.'
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